Some people do Yoga, I do Film. »Wood & Vintage Analog« is my private blog dedicated to analog film photography, both 35mm and medium format. Classical black & white and color photos, experimental processes from cross processing to Lomography. I’m not spending precious time in Lightroom or Photoshop. I feel like this would break the magic of working with analog film. 

Why film photography?

I love the whole process. Choosing an old camera and selecting the film for a special purpose. Shooting the film, thoughtfully, not wasting any picture. Thinking about settings, scenarios. Developing the film on my own. When the negatives are ready, scan them immediately or even go for prints to the darkroom. If you’re going through all that long process, then photography still owns that piece of magic which it lost with digital. That doesn’t mean anything negativ for digital. I just love film photography. It makes me calm and relaxed. Some do Yoga, I do Film. That’s it.

The Blog

About - Wood & Vintage Analog
About – Wood & Vintage Analog

I am far from calling myself a photographer. I’m definitely not. I am a passionate amateur who loves what he’s doing. In Russia there’s a term for amateur which is the most Perfect description: Lyubitel – Lover. The Russian term is not judging the level of profession, but the amount of passion. A wonderful way of thinking, isn’t it?

The galleries

Wood & Vintage Analog. Analog Film Photography by Zep Wernbacher - Some do Yoga, I do Film.

Wood & Vintage Analog Blog is a perpetual collection of short posts with galleries. That’s why it makes perfect sense to come back to some galleries from time to time. The photos you can find at the end of each post.

To open the gallery with all features, click on a photo and navigate with the right/left arrows. At the bottom you have icons for additional information, for comments or the shop basket for the free downloads (in case of commercial usage small fee).

Film Photography by Wood & Vintage Analog
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So why are you still here?

I’d love to welcome you on my »Wood & Vintage Analog« Blog. Maybe you even want to drop some lines what you’re thinking about it? See you there!